My work is a translation in various media of my ideas and experiences including painting, drawing, sculpture, music, and photography. I draw inspiration from my travels, social interactions, and influences from other artists. Every piece I make is influenced by and inextricably linked to the world around me. When I create I let my imagination loose; through my work, my ideas and emotions come out in their purest forms.

Chance plays a big role in my practice. I see creation as an improvisation in which my ideas and inspirations are intuitively organized and processed, coalescing into a new whole. I am perpetually probing my vision uncovering new ways of thinking and seeing the world that extend beyond my practice as an artist.

In general, my work is about uninhibited experimental processes, which often leads me to utopian concepts or ideas that could convey a meaningful message or something that is totally focused on its aesthetic qualities. Recently I have become interested in exploring the possibilities to create art with different materials, especially with materials that can be recycled and used with an aesthetic or functional purpose.

The exploration on the use of existing materials in my practice as an artist is taking me on an exciting path, which is filled with endless possibilities. I believe the idea of recycling while making art; is a good way to contribute to a greener and sustainable world by using the visual arts as a way to send a message, educate, and invite people to be part of a collective effort.